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Location Chantilly, VA 20151
Telephone (703) 662-5545
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About us

About company

  • History

    Appsha Inc is an application consulting and management firm in Washington DC. Our firm has over a decade of experience developing and managing award winning web / mobile applications and effective marketing campaigns. In addition to our consulting and management service, we maintain a dedicated, in-house support team to handle all your email hosting, technical support, and application updates. We have the expertise to achieve your online/ offline business goals and the staff to support your needs.

  • Offices

    Our office is located in Chantilly, VA. It is approximately 2600 sq. ft. unit with all the stuffs that is needed to manage any kind of business.

    We have fully equipped in house video recording studio for your audio video production need.

    We host all our works and files in cloud and is backed everyday.

    We have work stations for any kind of business needs including consultation room and training room which can be used by our clients at no extra fees.

  • Mission / Vision

    Our Mission is to do a business in a Smart and Modern Way.


    We would like to see businesses doing great with our service.

Appsha Inc.
Service as you need

Our Services are easy to customize according to your needs. We are here to help you to do business not to get you out of business.

24/7 Support

We provide 24/7 support. We care about your business and we take our pride to provide you any support that you need.

Full responsibility

We take full responsibility for all the work that we do and we measure all the security level that is required for your business.

Smart and modern

We are in the digital age and to get ahead we have to work smart using modern technologies. We get more things done with less stuff.

Perfect code

All our codes and all the works are perfect with no bugs, even if there is one, we will keep on working to make it a bug free.

Premium author

We are here to help you with your business. We will not share your business plan or ideas with any other individual or businesses.

Application Management Services (AMS) is an approach to outsourcing management through a well-defined method, custom-developed set of processes, policies, procedures, standards and templates. AMS embodies a number of specific methodologies fully equipped to deliver various engagement results.